Tuesday, March 17, 2009

21 Months

I can't even say that Mya is a year and a half anymore - she's almost 2! She's grown a ton in the last month. She got on the scale and it said 26 pounds - up 4 pounds since her last doctor visit. She's talking quite a bit, but still fairly unintelligible. Of course WE know what she is saying...but no one else would! Her newest words are bubbles, cookie, cheese, truck, Matt, Papa, shoe...and some others. She can say all of her friends names at daycare - Johnny, Ella, Max, Ry-Ry (Rylee), and Gigi (Regina). She's also putting two and three words together and is very good at saying "No No Mommy, No No Daddy!" She is super attached to me, and I have to be within inches of her or she freaks. I'm hoping she gets over this soon! She's learned to blow her nose - finally! We go through boxes and boxes of tissues. She's a big cuddler and loves to lay on the bed with me and watch a video.

Every morning when we get to daycare and every night when we leave, Mya walks up to the infant room and stops and talks to all the babies. EVERY DAY. All the staff knows she does that as well. And during the day when they play in the hallway, she stops to chat with the babies. It's always on her care note "Mya had fun playing in the ball pit and of course stopped to say hello to the babies". It's too funny. At home she will walk around with her baby dolls and pat them on the back, and even puts diapers and baby powder on them. I finally got it on video but god knows I have no idea how to share that.

So all's well with us! I need a new camera, so some of my pictures are not the best quality. But here are some from the past few weeks.

Mya's new haircut

Spring Fever!
Yeah, that's chocolate on my face...thanks for selling us those candy bars neighbor friend!

I LOVE emptying the dishwasher!

Blowing bubbles with daddy


Friday, March 13, 2009

Our new favorite place

Strong...National Museum of PLAY! We hear that commercial at least once a day and decided it was time to take Mya over to see what all the buzz is about. Our friends Megan and Joe wanted to bring their daughter Julia to the museum so they asked us to join them. We got there around 10am and stayed until 2pm, and probably only got to see about 1/3 of the place! There is just so much to see and do. It also happened to be Dr. Suess's birthday so they had a lot of fun activities. Mya had a ball and was so tired when we left. The funniest part about it was that we only live 15 minutes away so I figured we would put Mya down for a nap when we got home - but she passed out before we even got on the expressway! We got a chuckle out of that. We're even thinking of getting a yearly membership. An awesome place to play on a rainy day? Can't beat that!

Mya and dad making cards

Sweet Julia

Mya putting on her homemade Dr. Suess hat

Mya and Julia taking a lunch break

Going mining with Mr. Potato Head

Riding Elmo's taxi cab

Arts and crafts with Julia