Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

It's Halloween Eve and we finally got around to carving our pumpkins. I don't know about anyone else but where I grew up we carved our pumpkins every year for Halloween. Matt kept telling me that he never carved a pumpkin before. I find that hard to believe but he swears that is the truth! So this was his first time and they came out pretty good! Mya was fascinated with it at first, then just wanted to eat - big surprise! She is going to dress up as a little devil tomorrow, thanks to the creative skills of Auntie Cha-Cha. The only problem is that Mya starts crying as soon as she sees her costume. I'm hoping she'll wear it for at least a few pictures! Here are some pumpkin pictures

Daddy the pumpkin carving virgin

Is this how you eat it?

Still munching..

Scary pumpkins!

Other than that we've just been having fun with Mya. She is such a character. Thanks to everyone for the Halloween cards and thanks for visiting us last Sunday Grandma and Grandpa Tabs. We had lots of fun!

Anyone remember Edith Ann? These pics remind me of her!


Can you see all the teeth I have now?!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I couldn't post any pictures last time, so here are a few from the past couple days. Mya is becoming quite the character!

I'll help you guys fix the fireplace..

See, that's all it takes!

I'm 16 months old!

I love to pout!

I hate you guys! (words to come...)

Here's your shoes momma

I'll put the groceries away for you but daddy says I should only work for payment..

Lounging with Dad

My new reading spot

I love my books!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

16 Months

Another "birthday" has come and gone..My baby is 16 months old! She's grown so much in the past month. She has been more independent as well. Here are some of the new things she's been doing this month

- can officially get down the stairs all by herself! (just mastered that today)
- Now has 9 teeth AND 4 molars
- can say momma, dad, up, bye-bye, uh-oh, baby (well, bebe), hi, yeah, and all done. She talks constantly. Even the daycare teachers mentioned that she is the noisiest kid in the room
- LOVES to be my helper - she wants to shut all the doors, fridge, dishwasher, and dryer. When I pour her milk, she has to be the one to put the cap back on and carry it back to the fridge. And the other day, she threw her mac and cheese all over the floor. When I got her out of her chair she picked up all the noodles, opened the garbage, and put them in! It was so cute. Floor was a mess but what could I say.
- finally enjoys playing outside and helping in the garden
- LOVES our neighbors dog - she makes a beeline to him every time he's out
- she likes to bring me her books and sit in my lap to read - she has a process of turning around, walking backward, then plopping in my lap. Cracks me up

We're also in a pouting phase. Her new thing is to put her head on the floor or on the wall if she is mad. It looks like she is doing the downward dog! She can also have full blown meltdowns but not too often. She is growing like a weed and we seem to pack aways clothes a little too often.

Here is Mya at 16 months old...

ok, well blogger won't let me post pics tonight. When I can I will put up some new pictures!

Monday, October 13, 2008

In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety Two

Columbus sailed the ocean blue.. and thanks to him I got to enjoy a nice extended weekend! We decided to take a ride in to Buffalo to visit my parents and to see the baby. The weather was unbelievable - almost 80 all weekend. Mya had a blast and it was great to see everyone. On Sunday we got all the grandkids together and went to get pumpkins and apples. The kids were really good, especially Gavin who didn't make a peep ALL DAY! That is unheard of in this house. We came home with pumpkins, apples, popcorn, and scarecrows to add to the cider and donuts that Tom and Amanda brought over. Now it's back to work and working out! Oh and miracle of miracles - Mya fell asleep during the ride home. Just closed her eyes and dozed off. I think we're turning a new leaf here! :)

GRRR! I'm scary!

Gavin, 2 weeks old

The girls, in their cool new outfits

So, what are you going to be for Halloween?

Petting the bunny

Grandma and Grandpa with the kids

Thanks for hanging with us today!

Lots of thanks to go around - thanks to Mom and Dad for putting up with us and for the cool PJ's you got for Mya! Thanks to Tom and Amanda for the Halloween outfit and treats! And thanks to Cha Cha for the hair clippies, pumpkin onesie, and for making Mya's Halloween costume.

(I am out of thank you notes....hope this will work LOL)

Sabres won 7-1 today!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beautiful Boy

I got to visit Mar and Gavin today! He is such a tiny peanut. Not quite ready to face the world yet. His face stayed all scrunched up and he wouldn't open his eyes for me. I must have scared him! Poor guy got poked and prodded the whole time I was there. I did sneak some pictures though. Mar is doing good and they were all anxious to get home. I couldn't believe how small he was. I think the first four months that Mya was home is a blur and I can only remember her being 15 pounds or more! They grow so fast. So welcome to the family Gavin! It's a great one!

And I finally got the official stats: Gavin Rhys Flatau, born 9/30/08 at 2:58am, 8lbs 9oz 21 inches.

Settling in for a nap

Mother and Son

So much hair!

JoJo and Gavs

What the heck lady! I was sleeping!

Oh, and he looks EXACTLY like McKenna did - could have been identical twins. Here is a side by side:



See you when you get home!!