Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I almost forgot all the in's and out's of blogger. I will have to spruce this up soon. Of course there are just never enough hours in the day. I will work on a "catch up" post chronicling the last 7 months but if you know me then you know I am Queen Procrastinator (I still have x-mas gifts for unnamed sisters-in-law that live far away..yikes..)

Tonight Mya had a Daddy and Me night. I had to moderate a workshop (aka Party Meeting, as Mya calls it) so Matt was in charge of taking Mya to her dance class. I got the minute to minute updates via text message. Mya was her usual rockstar self and earned a trip to McDonald's. Way to go dad...big cup of Hi-C right before bed! Lesson learned there. I will try to get some pictures of her class next week. I keep forgetting the camera. Til then....

"why you so obsessed with me..."

Mom, is this Lady Gaga?!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's try this again...

So I gave up on blogging after having trouble posting pictures, then got addicted to facebook and just posted stuff on there. But facebook is getting a bit old and I am tired of being told that I will "get in trouble" for putting personal stuff on facebook. So I think I will just go back to blogging. Tomorrow that is. :)