Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Once you go Mac you never go back

I am posting from my new iMac! Wow, I have some serious studying to do. At the moment I cannot figure out how to change my text so this will have to do. I LOVE this computer! I can see why people are so passionate about their Macs. Not sure that I am joining the cult (yet) but I can see how that would happen!

Ok, here's a quick recap as I promised. Matt survived his 4th knee surgery. We were lucky to have Nana and Papa come to watch Mya so that I could go along. It was a pretty simple procedure but still a very long day. And luckily I had the camera because it snowed!! One of the latest snows on record for the season.

On our way to Strong Hospital, April 27, 2010

Huge snowflakes!!

Unfortunately I was unable to see Matt as he was waking up from his anestheia. I was so disappointed because I had been looking forward to videotaping it! All in good fun, but he is hysterical afterward! Can you tell we've been through this a lot?!

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