Sunday, September 7, 2008


I got my laptop back! I realize just how addicted I am now I'm back online. Oh well, better this than drugs.

To catch up to speed this will be mostly pictures. School is back in session for me and Mya goes back to daycare full time starting tomorrow. Fall is here - it was cool today and football has been on since 12:30pm. I love it.

Labor Day weekend was a great end to summer. Matt had his annual Fantasy Football weekend - every year there is a golf tournament and football draft. That left Mya and I to visit and relax by the pool and go out on my sister's boat. It was great. Here are some pictures!

Riding to Buffalo is fun!

Baby butt crack

Who needs the pool when you can play with tupperware?!

Driving Uncle Corey's boat

Whoa, cut her off!

Grandpa, you don't need a dentist. I can do your cleaning!


Heading back to the dock

I love so you much McKenna! Don't be scared of me!

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