Saturday, September 13, 2008

Horses, Horses, Horses, Horses...

Sleepless in Seattle anyone?? Just me, right..

So today we got to hang out with our friends Charity and Brad. They invited us to come to their barn and see the horses. Mya was a little afraid at first but then had a good time. They were really big horses so I think they scared her a bit. Matt's co-worker Amy and her husband Eric joined us as well. Everyone rode the horses but me! I am a weenie. The rain held off so we had a wonderful afternoon! We even made plans to all hang out Friday night with the kids. Charity has a daughter, Amber, and Amy has a son, Carter. Should be fun. On tap for tomorrow - football! We got a baby-sitter so it's date day! I can't wait!

Here are some pictures from today -

Hmm...not too sure about this

Charity and Amy riding Clover and Flash

I think I'll just hang out over here..

Whoa Horsie!

Amy riding Clover

I like to play the drums on dad's head

Brad and Shamrock

Happy trails to you!

And happy 7th birthday to my godson Brian!

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