Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is it just me?

No reason for this, just feel the need to get it out.

I don't get "the profound effect" that electing Barack Obama is having on America. Yeah, I voted for him, yeah I think we need change, yeah it's great that he's the first african american president. But people around here are going crazy. There are flags all over, people calling in on the radio, etc. I felt like it was the day after 9/11 when everyone banded like brothers to show their patriotism to our country. They even had a song montage thing on the radio, set to the song "One" by U2 where every few seconds they had a snipet from one of Obama's speeches. Maybe I'm just sick of all the millions of political ads that have been on TV. Or maybe I am just grumpy today, but if I read another status update on facebook about Obama I am going to scream.

Flame away, but I don't get it. He's just an average Joe who's set out to change the world. And I hope he does just that.


haddie612 said...

Careful Moll, they're watching all internet correspondence. The police state is near

Auntie Cha Cha said...

Ditto. I wanted to puke watching Oprah all week. Maybe I should make Obama bows.

BeeMom said...

I bet they'd sell like hotcakes..get on that!