Monday, November 10, 2008

We've been having some lawn woes so we got ourselves out all weekend to clean up the yard and rake some of the millions of leaves that we have. Mya, the girl who did not like being outside all summer, has been having a ball playing out in the yard. I tried to get a few pictures but she is such a mover that it was hard to get many good ones. We had to get it all done before the snow comes!

No drinking and jumping!

I'm going to try this again!

I can do it myself

Then the rain started coming down so we had to hang inside the house. Mya was still wound up so we put on her show Word World and she went crazy dancing to the theme song! Hyper much?!


Anonymous said...

I thought I would see pictures of the "Grub" damage! Where did you get the cute coat for Mya??

BeeMom said...

oh never thought to take pictures...I wil have to do that. That coat is from Target last year. It's time for a new one grandma!