Friday, December 19, 2008

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

We got hammered with snow today - 1 foot so far. School was open but of course they screwed up and started sending people home early. It was the worst driving conditions I've been in in a long time. But home safe now, in pj's, ready for a Batman movie marathon. What's that Mar? I'm lame?

I needed to post the 18 month birthday update! Mya is now on her way to the terrible two's. She is 23 pounds and 31 inches long. Head circumference is still off the charts, haha. Must be that big brain she is going to have. She has about 15 words although I think a lot of them are only understood by us. Still a picky eater but her new favorite is ravioli. She is finishing a 2nd round of antibiotics for her ear and is in good spirits lately. Her new thing is to play the "MINE" game with Matt. He tries to take her baby away and says "mine, mine, mine" and she freaks out and runs to me for protection. Of course everything to her is now "MINE!" She's been very good at daycare. She went through a hitting phase for a bit but now when she doesn't want her friends to come near her she shakes her finger at them! I have no idea where she learned that one. Miss Regina told me that the other day two of her friends were crying and fussing so she went around and brought them blankets and toys. She is already very empathetic which is so cute. She is fascinated with the Christmas tree. We've been working on saying "Ho Ho Ho" and when I ask her what Santa says she goes "oh oh oh". Dsylexic?

My grandpa taught me how to do this!

Having some breakfast with baby

Are you hungry too?

Coughlin Family Christmas was a success! We had a lot of fun. Mrs. Claus never fails to entertain. Mya would not sit on santa's lap again as you may have noticed in the previous post. Maybe next year!

Mya and McKenna 'sharing'

Christmas 2008

Mya guarding Gavin

Her new baby from Santa

What a night!

We also got to see Santa on Sunday when Momee and Haddie took everyone to Breakfast with Santa. Mar brought the kids and Grandpa and Grandma Flatau came too. The girls had a ball - thanks for treating us to a great breakfast Mom and Dad!

The first grandson!

The Flatau's minus one

Mya getting silly (yes that's chocolate in her hand)

Nope, still don't want to see Santa!

Also - Lots of good news to share!! Congratulations to Maren and Dave - they are bringing a little Bush into the world on July 30th!


Congratulations to Tom and Amanda - they are expecting a little Tab's on July 22nd!



Congratulations to Leah and Mike - a little Gargano will be arriving on July 4th!


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