Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Buzz

Our little nug turned TWO on June 14th! We had a little family party at the house to celebrate her big day. I had so many pictures that I put them in a little slide show. She loved opening all her presents and hasn't stopped asking for CAKE since that day! Thank you to all the Nana's and Papa's, aunties and was a great day and we are so thankful that you all came to celebrate with us!

Mya has grown leaps and's almost impossible to update on her progress! Here are a few bullets (thanks for that idea Kristen ;)

- She is 27lbs, 33 inches - 50th percentile for both

- Her vocabulary is great, although she can be hard to understand sometimes. She'll repeat almost any word you ask her

- She can repeat the alphabet and numbers 1-10 (and can say some in order)

- She can name and recognize the colors red,pink, green, blue, purple, white, black, and yellow

- She knows 10-15 signs, some of which I didn't even know about until I got an update from daycare!

- Her visual memory is unbelievable. She knows what exit we have to get off at to get home, she knows who the other kids parents are at daycare, and if she sees something while we are shopping she will tell me who owns that toy or those's so funny.

- She loves to read and we have to read at least 5 books every night before bed. The mouse book (Cinderella), the doggy book (101 Dalmations), the Elmo book, the potty book (Once Upon a Potty), and several others.

- she can recognize and point out all her nana's, papa's, aunts, uncles, and cousins. McKenna and Gavin are "Kenna and Gabon"

- she nows wants to put on her own shoes and buckle herself into her carseat. Makes for along morning!

- she HATES being "duhrty". Completely unacceptable!

- she still will not eat many fruits, no vegetables, and no meats. I asked her what she wanted for dinner yesterday and she said "Cheese. Cheese and cookies" LOL!

- She is all girl. Loves her babies, purses, putting my make-up on, dancing, and kissing the boys!! She is a kissing bandit.

That is just a small sample -I could go on forever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYA BEE - we love you so much!!


Kristen said...

Happy Birtday Mya!

Nanna said...

I love this !!! the pics are adorable!