Monday, April 26, 2010

Breakin It

As in Spring Breakin...another week of vacation behind us. It was nice and relaxing, no big plans. We're saving the big trip for next year! I enjoyed having some days to myself to purge the junk that has accumulated in our house. Took full advantage of daycare services...and only felt a small twinge of guilt! We were very lucky to have people come and visit us here in Webster. On Tuesday Karen and Kath brought their kids and we hung out at the Strong Museum of Play. Jack was a little on the tired side so it was a short trip, but still good times! I love when people come to visit us! Mya had a great time with Jack and "Leese" and we hope to see them again soon!

Karen and Elise

Elise and Jack taking a ride on the train by themselves!

Mya still needed her mommy (who needs a serious tan!)

Mya and the Berensteins

Then we got a special visit from the Flatau Clan. They came up Tuesday night and we cooked up some great food and had some good laughs. After the kids went down Corey met up with some friends for drinks which left Mar and I to get some shopping done, without kids. Twas great I tell you. And what do you think we did on Wednesday? Yep Yep...back to the Museum! I had my fill by the end of the day but we still had tons of fun with Mya's cousins. We hope they come back real soon!

In all it was a wonderful and SHORT week off! Next up, back to work and Matt's 4th knee surgery!

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Elise's Mommy said...

We too had a great time! Hope to see you guys more often during the summer.