Thursday, October 16, 2008

16 Months

Another "birthday" has come and gone..My baby is 16 months old! She's grown so much in the past month. She has been more independent as well. Here are some of the new things she's been doing this month

- can officially get down the stairs all by herself! (just mastered that today)
- Now has 9 teeth AND 4 molars
- can say momma, dad, up, bye-bye, uh-oh, baby (well, bebe), hi, yeah, and all done. She talks constantly. Even the daycare teachers mentioned that she is the noisiest kid in the room
- LOVES to be my helper - she wants to shut all the doors, fridge, dishwasher, and dryer. When I pour her milk, she has to be the one to put the cap back on and carry it back to the fridge. And the other day, she threw her mac and cheese all over the floor. When I got her out of her chair she picked up all the noodles, opened the garbage, and put them in! It was so cute. Floor was a mess but what could I say.
- finally enjoys playing outside and helping in the garden
- LOVES our neighbors dog - she makes a beeline to him every time he's out
- she likes to bring me her books and sit in my lap to read - she has a process of turning around, walking backward, then plopping in my lap. Cracks me up

We're also in a pouting phase. Her new thing is to put her head on the floor or on the wall if she is mad. It looks like she is doing the downward dog! She can also have full blown meltdowns but not too often. She is growing like a weed and we seem to pack aways clothes a little too often.

Here is Mya at 16 months old...

ok, well blogger won't let me post pics tonight. When I can I will put up some new pictures!

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