Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beautiful Boy

I got to visit Mar and Gavin today! He is such a tiny peanut. Not quite ready to face the world yet. His face stayed all scrunched up and he wouldn't open his eyes for me. I must have scared him! Poor guy got poked and prodded the whole time I was there. I did sneak some pictures though. Mar is doing good and they were all anxious to get home. I couldn't believe how small he was. I think the first four months that Mya was home is a blur and I can only remember her being 15 pounds or more! They grow so fast. So welcome to the family Gavin! It's a great one!

And I finally got the official stats: Gavin Rhys Flatau, born 9/30/08 at 2:58am, 8lbs 9oz 21 inches.

Settling in for a nap

Mother and Son

So much hair!

JoJo and Gavs

What the heck lady! I was sleeping!

Oh, and he looks EXACTLY like McKenna did - could have been identical twins. Here is a side by side:



See you when you get home!!

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