Thursday, February 19, 2009

20 months

and 5 days...

Mya, Mya, Mya...20 months going on 16. Let's see, the girls at daycare call you Diva, Miss Sass, Sassypants... visions of life to come?!

Mya is finding her independence and watch out if you get in her way. She knows what she wants and has no patience if you can't figure out what she's looking for. She fully understands the meaning of "No" and "Mine". She knows exactly how to manipulate mom and dad - and can turn on and off tears like nothing. My favorite is when she is screaming and pretending to cry, then looks and me without a single teardrop on her face. I just laugh at her - cracks me up.
Developmentally she seems to be doing well. She uses her words appropriately and can pretty much let us know what she wants or needs through words or gestures. She is 23lbs and 31.5 inches. Her legs are so short - just like mom. We'll be hemming all her pants I'm sure. She loves to run everywhere. On walks she plods along until her legs just give out. She is a dancing fool, and has very good rhythm. She can follow the beat very well, especially in the car. I want to look into dance lessons soon. Anything to keep her busy. Her favorite activities are jumping on the bed and playing in the tupperware cupboard. She hasn't touched her toys in days! She is also going through an aggressive phase and hits a lot. A lot of this she picks up from daycare - I've seen the other kids hitting while I was there. All come with the territory but we're working on her behavior.

She now tells us when she needs a diaper change so potty training is around the corner. I have no idea how that works so I will have to do some reading! We are also moving her to a toddler bed soon. She goes to bed easily and sleeps very good on the cots at school so it's time. I can't wait to find new bedding - her comforter has seen it's day!

Where did my baby go?!!!

My big 3-0 is this weekend. We had a big celebration over the weekend at my parents and this weekend Matt is taking me away while Uncle Tom and Aunt Amanda baby-sit! I have lots of pictures so I will be working on that next!

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Too big too fast.....enjoy your weekend!