Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dirty 30

Yeah that's right. February 22, 1979 to February 22, 2009. Like Ferris Beuller said, life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

I had an awesome birthday this year which lasted over a week long!! Thank you everyone for all the gifts, cakes, treats, movies, trips, flowers, calls, was great!

I took lots of pictures of my parties but none turned out all that great. Here are some decent ones.

First was the family party...

My delicious cake


Mya and Bebe

Honk, Honk!

Hold my hand please!

Visions of the future..

Then my Fredonia gals all got together to celebrate with me!!

Holy dessert

You only turn 30 once!

Holy margaritas!

Then...this weekend Matt took me on a trip to the Finger Lakes. We stayed in Watkins Glen then drove into Corning for the Palate Festival. We had a great time and it was great to get away for a weekend. Mya got to stay with Uncle Tom and Aunt Amanda. They spoiled her of course and she had lots of fun. I got to come home to a cake, flowers, and card from Mya! Thanks guys!

Our hotel

Watkins Glen

Seneca Harbor Park

Our suite

Happy Birthday to me!

Typical self portrait

Wine tasting

Suffering through the Glass Museum

I'll drink to that!!


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Wow the hotel looks great!