Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A month in review..

Well apparently January went pretty quick because it's all of a sudden it's February and I never even got around to putting in updates from the last month. It's that mid-winter slump thing that we all get I suppose. So what's been going on? Well, in one month's time Mya went from whiny, clingy, snotty (as in boogers...) to happy, silly, loving, fun, clean (as in no more boogers!!). What a change! I never did the 19 month post because it was around the time of her surgery and we just got too busy. She was a real champ and healed up pretty quick. It's been two weeks now and we go back to see the doctor on Monday to check her ears and nose. I'm hoping we won't ever have to go back! Mya got so many nice get well gifts, way over the top! But she loved them all. MWAH!

What else...My Fredonia Christmas party was the weekend of January 19th, which was also Maren's 30th birthday! Happy Birthday Sister. We had a blast at the party and will soon be getting together to celebrate my big day.

Grandma and Grandpa T came to visit Mya the weekend after her surgery. Unfortunately she was pretty cranky and not feeling her best, but she did enjoy the visit! Grandma made cupcakes, which quickly disappeared..

Mya is learning so much - her new favorite activity is to stand on the countertop and play with all the cups in the cupboards. She takes apart all her sippy cups and can put all the pieces back correctly, over and over again. She would stay there for hours if I let her, but it gets too boring for me! She also tells me when she needs a diaper change and ASKS to go to bed!! Every night for about two weeks now she points to the stairs, walks up, then runs right to her crib. I put her in and she lays right down and says Mwah! I guess I am doing something right LOL! Can't beat that. Oh, and it's always around 7pm - she is like clockwork! We also got some good video of her dancing the chicken dance. It's so funny, but no clue how to get that on here.

Other news...Mar went back to work, so sad! Tom and Amanda are having a BOY!! Now the count is even, 2 girls 2 boys...hmmm what will Mar have next?? We have lots of fun stuff planned for February so I will be updating a lot more often!

Snack time


I really do try to smile, but this is the best I got!

Mommy can I get one of these?

I'm just gonna help myself and mom will never know..

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Elise said...

Mol- I am so glad that she is feeling better. Also, I think you are doing A LOT of things right, give your self credit! YOU ARE A GREAT MOMMY!!!!!!