Wednesday, August 13, 2008

14 Months

Go ahead and laugh but I still like to celebrate every "month" birthday that Mya has, although the official picture taking session stopped after her first birthday. I get picked on enough, why continue to subject myself to ridicule?

Now that Mya is 14 months old, she is taking about 20 steps unassisted. She can stand up from the floor on her own and it gets easier everyday. She prefers to run but it doesn't always work out. If you are holding her hands to help her out, the faster you can go the better. She thinks it's hysterical and will laugh the whole time. In fact, she seems to have the most fun if you are playing in warp speed. There is no such thing as sitting and playing with a toy. Her attention span is less than a millisecond. Like father like daughter?

She weighs approximately 23 pounds and is about 31 inches long. Her favorite foods are peaches, bananas, mac and cheese, pbj sandies, goldfish crackers, waffles, and toasted cheese. My good eater has become so picky. Water or milk only, don't even think of giving her juice. Or grape Kool-Aid.

Mya can clap her hands, make the signs for "milk" and "more", wave hello and good-bye, says hi, dada, nay-nay (which I believe is momma), and babbles incessantly. She still only has her two bottom teeth but I can see the top ones coming through. She loves her books, blankies, and babies. If I say "hug the baby!" she'll give her doll a big bear hug.

Mya has this crazy belly laugh that just makes you starting laughing yourself. She will laugh at the simplest things and Matt and I will just look at each and crack up. She has a smile that is so big it's like it comes from the bottom of her soul. Only problem is that it's hard to catch on camera.

She continues to get monthly colds and runny noses, sometimes fevers but is usually happy. She sleeps like a rock and doesn't know this but when I check on her at night I always rub her little feet. I will miss those!

And there are always the less exciting things like whining, screaming, hitting, pinching, hair pulling, you know...she will test my patience like you wouldn't believe. But we still love her.

Happy Birthday Mya!

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grandpa haddie said...

Happy Birth Month Mya. I miss you very much