Monday, August 25, 2008

Fred Fest

Well I survived Fred Camp Fest 2008. This year we went to Stonybrook State Park and it ended up being a really great time, tents and all. Everyone was able to come except for Carey who's in NYC. Maybe next year she'll make it. This was our 6th annual summer event. Kath, Maren, Candy and I got there Friday night and set up camp. Colleen and Meghann came Saturday morning. We had lots of laughs and lots of food! The only downfall was that this was a very family oriented campsite, with kids and noise, and something that smelled like the zoo. Not sure what that was though... Maren any thoughts on that?

Here are just a few of the many memories that were made. Remember girls, these are memories!

Our deluxe tent, courtesy of Kath

How many cookies can I fit in my mouth?

Get out of the box and play some tennis

Maren, Candy, and Meghann gearing up for our hike

Hi Carey!!

Temple Street girls (with Maren taking the picture...)

Chow Time

Aftermath of swimming in 66 degree water!

While I was off toasting marshmallows Matt took Mya down to Olean. They had a great time and Mya was excellent during the two hour plus car ride. She got to hang out with G-Ma, G-Pa, and Uncle Dave. On Sunday they hung out at the Lebanese festival for some good eats. Maren rushed home so she could love on Mya before they left, which gave me several hours home alone to relax!!

Thanks for rushing home Auntie!

Next year we are planning to rent a cottage at Letchworth. Tent camping was a bit much for us - give me a warm bed anyday over that! We are also planning something big for 2009 - the year we all turn 30. Where does the time go??

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