Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Poor Mya, it's always something. We decided to try out a new restaurant today cause I didn't feel like cooking. When we moved here we got a welcome letter from Prioretti's, an Italian place. It came with a gift certificate for a free pizza, and two free entree's for dine-in. We thought it would be good to go out since we'll all be split up this weekend.

Having never been there before, we go dressed very casually (thinking it's a pizza joint) and lugging a one year old with all her goods. Turns out we stuck out like a sore thumb. It was not exactly baby-friendly. But whatever, we were hungry and didn't feel like leaving.

Mya got settled in, we ordered our food, things were fine. Then the waitress sets down a dish of pasta and Mya's hand flies into - kinda like when she squishes all the noodles in her bowl of mac and cheese...only this was hot pasta sauce!

If you know Mya you know that she can scream louder than Macauley Caulkin in Home Alone. It was quite the scene. I got her out of the chair and walked to the front of the restaurant, where I thought the bathrooms were, but no, they were in the back, so we scream our way back to the bathroom. After she calmed down and we went back to the table I see that her eye and cheek are red and puffy - she had put her hot hand on her face! Oy. So Matt had to take Mya out of the place while I asked the waitress to pack up our uneaten meals to go.

The things you go through for a free meal.

And no, no pictures. I felt too bad to be grabbing the camera. The redness went away after a bit and she was fine. I swear it's always something with us!!


Haddie said...

You guy's should have your own reality show. "The Joesphs, I swear its true". That would be a great title

BeeMom said...

haha! It would be interesting to say the least..


Auntie Cha Cha said...

Why can't people spell Joseph right? HADDIE!