Friday, August 22, 2008


We finally finished spreading mulch in the front of our house and it is looking much better. A lot of our plants are coming back to life and I've been pruning like a mad woman. Next year should go better but it's a learning process.
I need to get a few more pictures of the front but I'm waiting to see if more flowers bloom soon.

Mya is walking all over now. She still keeps her hands up in the air for balance but she's becoming a pro. I tried to get a little video so you can see her mad skills but it won't upload today. Maybe next week.

It's an exciting weekend for me! It's the 5th annual Fredonia Camp Fest. Six girls, no husbands, no kids. I can't wait. This year we're going to StonyBrook Park, instead of Letchworth. We have to sleep in tents so it will be interesting. I'd much prefer a nice log cabin, but I'm keeping my mouth zipped. This should be the last ever tent camping. I'll make the best of it. Matt is taking Mya down to Olean to see Great Grandma Joseph and go golfing with Uncle Larry. It's my second weekend away from my baby. In other news, Mya is getting two new teeth on the bottom! Making that a total of 4 teeth. She's a bit cranky today so I am guessing that is why. Bring on the tylenol!

Some pic from the week -

I bad

Mya's new snack table

Bye Mommy! I'll miss you!

Oh, and 6 months from today I'll be the big 3-0. I'll drink to that.

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Kristen said...

Happy half birthday. Today is my half birthday. holla! can you believe that we are going to be 30?! i love the picture of mya with the sunglasses - too cute.