Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moving on Up!

Mya has officially moved to the Toddler room at daycare. My little "Bright Balloon" is now a "Cute Comet"! This is a big change, especially for me! No more babies in cribs. All the kids are walking around, playing with new toys, sitting at tables for breakfast and lunch. The biggest difference is that they all sleep on cots for naptime. I'm a bit worried about this, but I'm sure Mya will do fine. It may take some time to train her to stay put though. We'll see how it goes. Mya did not do well when she started at this new daycare in April. It took her about two weeks to adjust. I wondered if it would be the same when she moved to the toddler room but then we found out that Miss Jami, her favorite teacher, was moving up as well! We love you miss Jami!

Some things they will be doing in her class this year include:

signing words

gross motor activies (tumbling, running)

fine motor activities (eating with a spoon)

building vocabulary through nursery rhymes and songs

Should be a fun year! I hope to be able to volunteer here and there...depending on my schedule.

I didn't get any pictures of her in class today, but here is one on our way in...

Yes she had an arsenal of stuffed animals with her. She needed all the comforts of home!

When we came home today, Matt had a surprise for Mya. A lady he works with made her an awesome blanket. It is so cute!

Thank you Cindy - that was so nice of you to do!! Of course Mya loved it. Blankies and babies, her favorite things!
Yeah, slumber party!

And the back...I took this to show Mary Beth. The whole back of the blanket is this material. Too cute!

Coming soon...back to school :(

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